Panel suppliers may provide services in one or more of the categories of rights/services. Panel suppliers are listed in the Queensland Contracts Directory. Fourteen law firms, including DWF, DLA Piper and Pinsent Masons, have been appointed as suppliers to the UK Government`s Central Legal Committee. SOA documentation, a buyer`s guide and related fact sheets are available to customers via the Queensland Contracts Directory (QCD) or for Suppliers are grouped according to the areas of law they sit on the panel. The supplier`s contact details and rates are available via the online panel directory. The unique offer and value-added services of each provider are available after logging in in PDF format in the list of suppliers below. By managing this activity under a centralized management agreement, the government is attempting to achieve the following: Unlike departments, entities that opt for the expert panel arrangement are not required to use the expert panel exclusively. The panel consists of 14 legal categories and a service area for legal resources. The information sheet on the categories of legal services (PDF, 294.0 KB) contains a description of the different categories. Participating agencies can also access AGS`s legal services directly and do not need to use the panel`s flexibility framework or request an exemption from the panel`s use.

Linked works cannot be purchased through the portal, please contact AGS or the corresponding linked supplier directly. Providers should also note that the Public Trustee`s Office of the Official Counsel is also a provider of legal services in the real estate sector, and this agreement will continue. Contact the panel`s contract manager to join this contract. They advise on who can use this contract. The contract does not cover fundamental Crown matters, including: All inquiries must be emailed to the The committee consists of 14 categories of legal services and an additional service area for the provision of legal resources. The suppliers named to the panel provide services in one or more of the service categories/areas. This contract covers all external legal services provided by New Zealand lawyers in the following areas: Licensing our cutting-edge legal content to develop your thought leadership and build your brand. The panel started on 1 June 2020 and the first term is expected to end on 31 May 2024. There is another option for a two-year extension. The Queensland Government may also implement mid-term and pre-exercise renewal options update processes.

These are the providers of the external legal services contract, grouped according to the areas of law in which they sit on the panel. An agency connection is required to access unique offers from suppliers. To maximize opportunities for regional businesses and ensure flexibility, departments can incorporate regional legal practices “outside the committee” without requesting an exemption for work created in a regional region for matters up to $15,000. Queensland Government departments must use panel or crown law for all requirements relating to lawyers` external legal services, subject to limited exceptions. Email: for information on access to the Legal Services Group`s contractual agreements. Consider the estimated legal costs of the service required. Buyers should aim to always get good value for money and encourage competition within the panel. Buyers should also consider the area of law, as only certain companies can provide services in certain areas of law. These guidelines contain updated decision-making and licensing requirements for the use of legal services.

The exemption policy sets out the rules and process for approving the use of a company that is not part of a panel. The firms that make up the legal entity should follow the following: If you are unsure whether your requirement is an essential crown issue, contact the Crown law firm for advice. This panel provides high quality and cost-effective legal services. A centrally coordinated panel manager manages performance and monitors and reports on panel layout to drive continuous improvement. The committee manager is the Director of the Legal Services Coordination Office of the Department of Justice and the Attorney General. Each agency has a contract manager who acts as the primary point of contact for that contract. Typically, this contract manager is part of the agency`s legal team. The panel was set up as a coordinated procurement within the framework of a competitive value for money based on an open market approach.

The committee is led by the DGA and was established on August 15, 2019. The body aims to make better use of the Purchasing Power of the Commonwealth and to improve the effectiveness of the Commonwealth`s cooperation with external legal service providers. 28 law firms provide legal services. Each law firm offers specific legal services. Agencies can only contact a company if it covers the required range of services. Read the full information below: The Government-Wide Legal Services Panel is a Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) between the State of Queensland and law firms (providers) selected to provide legal services and/or legal resources to departments and other entities (clients). The fundamental legal issues of the Crown are described in detail in the Cabinet Instructions. Cabinet instructions do not apply to Queensland departments that currently spend more than $30 million each year on the external legal services of lawyers.

The Queensland government spends at least as much on other government agencies and agencies. This portal was set up by the Public Prosecutor`s Office (AGD) to allow Commonwealth authorities to access the legal services of the entire Australian Government Legal Services Panel (the Panel) or the Australian Government Prosecutor (AGS). Only eligible clients may purchase legal services under the panel agreement. Eligible clients include: Crown Law is a leading provider of legal services to the Queensland Government. The legal services described in the Related Work Guidelines must be provided by the Crown Act. For unrelated work, Queensland government departments may choose to hire Crown Law, a panel provider or a lawyer. The Board does not amend current crown law agreements, and departments may continue to apply Crown law under the Act in addition to expert firms. The Crown Commercial Service (CSC) Legal Services Framework Committee, valued at £430 million according to a government`s contract website, will be in place for three years with the option of extending another year and includes 12 nominations to Lot 1. Pricing, legal expertise and key staff experience for each of the panels are available to clients via email

Organizations participating in the external legal services contract do not have to go through a complete procurement process, saving time, effort and costs. Eight law firms, including Allen & Overy and Hogan Lovells, have secured seats on a £40 million aerospace legal panel for the UK`s Department for International Trade (DIT). Departments and other companies that choose to do so must designate a Supplier Relations Manager as the primary point of contact for the panel. For more information on using the panel, see the Legal Services Panel Buyer`s Guide, available to QCD clients. Panel information for the specialist areas of competition and consumer law and tax law is available on websites run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( and the Australian Taxation Office ( The four-year panel is led by THE DIT on behalf of U.K. Export Finance (UKEF) and seeks advice on the financial support UKEF provides to the aerospace sector. This is the first panel of its kind regarding UKEF`s support for the export of aircraft, aircraft engines and other aeronautical equipment and services, a spokesman said. The panel is mandatory for Commonwealth companies that are not companies subject to the panel`s flexibility framework.

Commonwealth companies or Commonwealth companies may choose to use panel agreements by contacting AGD and signing a deed of participation. For more information, see the Commonwealth Entities and Commonwealth Corporations fact sheet. In order to subscribe to this contract, agencies and schools must first register. This contract applies only to departments and certain institutions in accordance with Article 16 of the Public Administration Act. Management Guidelines for the Use of Professional Services in the VPSExternal Link Vendor unique offerings are offers themselves or modifications to offerings that can be costly and generally have greater value and are unique to the provider than those offered as value-added services. Examples of other areas of law offered by these providers include: medicine, personal injury, charities, immigration and navigation. Soft IP Litigation Partner Major City/International firm If buyers use a regional, Indigenous or underrepresented business that complies with these rules, buyers do not need formal approval under the exemption policy. Guidelines have been created to help create the business case that many organizations need to obtain approval to enter into the Memorandum of Understanding Letter of Intent for this contract.