A team of two local Bird employees will work to track, maintain and move the fleet if it has been improperly parked. Woodruff said the city reserves the right to collect and move the scooters if Bird employees don`t act quickly enough and will charge the company an additional $100 each time that happens. Chief Inspector Michael Hodder said: “These cases are a reminder that owners of e-scooters can be stopped by our officers if they are seen in public places.” Electric scooters are classified as a motor vehicle, meaning they are subject to the same laws as motor vehicles, but it is currently not possible to register, insure or tax vehicles for use on the road. www.sussex.police.uk/news/sussex/news/police-appeal-after-collision-between-e-scooter-and-cyclist-in-brighton/ Hello good people from Brighton. I would like to know what it is like to have an electric scooter in this city. Is it true that the police are chasing you, arresting you and emptying your bank account because you dare to drive “like” and “with”? The fact is, I have a plan to buy an electric scooter, and I know I can use it on private land, but hey, I`m not going to do it. So, do you expect any problems with the police? Or do you think drivers and pedestrians will hate me and try to kick me? ;) Seriously, do you have any bad experiences related to riding an electric scooter in and around B&H? Thank you very much! “We also want to balance future needs with the support of our current and popular transport providers such as Bikeshare. Therefore, we aim to include a specification for an electric scooter add-on in Bikeshare`s future tender documents once electric scooters are legalized on public roads. On April 5, City Council (7 yes to 1 no, with one absence) passed a Joint Electric Scooter Ordinance amending Brighton`s City Code to approve the operation and licensing of shared electric scooters in the city. The ordinance imposes the licensing of micromobility equipment in the city, establishes rules and regulations for the operation of shared electric scooters and micromobility devices, sets safety and maintenance requirements, sets penalties, fines, suspension or withdrawal of license, and much more. “We are thrilled to be able to offer the Community of Brighton a new, environmentally friendly means of transportation,” said Michael Woodruff, Director of Public Works.

“This is another step in our commitment to take advantage of new modes of transportation and innovation in the world of transportation.” “Unfortunately, until new laws are introduced by the government, electric scooters are still illegal, and only national laws can change that. In the meantime, we are focused on positively improving traffic flow for our residents. An electric scooter driver has died after crashing into a fence in Brighton. She said: “Lloyd is right when he suggests that the government`s ban is seriously lagging behind the huge increase in demand and popularity of e-scooters across the UK. We agree that something needs to be done at the national level. “Electric scooters are illegal because there is currently no legal way to register, insure or tax them.” “Sussex Police`s renewed advice follows growing public concern about road safety, with frequent reports of electric scooters driving on sidewalks and crime reports related to electric scooters.” It follows the beliefs of two electric scooter drivers in recent weeks – and those considering using them are advised to make sure they comply with the law. • Antisocial driving is prevalent in test areas, with drivers using sidewalks and fallen curbs to make stunts, and sidewalks being used to take shortcuts around pedestrian crossings. • The parking of commendable electric scooters has also not been resolved. They are always left in dangerous places on sidewalks and public places, resulting in tripping hazards and obstacles for blind, disabled and vulnerable pedestrians. Even when shelves are used, they are placed on sidewalks, which then become street congestion and parking on lanes for motorized vehicles. This is not safe as they create obstacles, cause tripping risks and drivers use the sidewalk to access it, with many electric scooters being driven in an anti-social manner. The following three photos illustrate these points.

• Rental electric scooters can easily be passed on from the person who rented them to a friend, as reported in Birmingham, Nottingham, London and Redditch. This means there will be no age check, no license check, no basic security training by the app, and no signing of the app`s user agreement that calls into question whether the insurance is validated. It is our understanding that this fundamental but fundamental security review has not been resolved. • The safety of e-scooters that can actually be rented has been identified in a number of trials in the UK, including London, Birmingham Liverpool, Rochdale, Corby, Northampton, Kettering, Nottingham and Redditch. Where tire safety and other safety issues were found. The company will likely deploy between 100 and 150 bird scooters in neighborhoods the city would approve, and provide two local employees to track the fleet.