I need to discuss Warren`s definition of NORS. On the way home today, I asked my carpooler, a supplier of reproduction parts for another classic car, what the definitions of NOS and NORS meant to him. He responded with “new original inventory” and “new original reproduction inventory” and went on to say that NORS means that the piece is reproduced by the original supplier at another time according to the original specifications. I asked if a 1915 AC spark plug would replace a NORS plug for a Model T Champion plug, and he said no. When I asked if the “R” in NORS could stand for “restored”, he asked me, how could the “N” in NORS stand for new? Restored, refurbished or repaired means that the parts have been used or attempted to be used at some point. So here is another man`s definition and none of us think that a NOS or NORS part could ever be in a car and be used at some point in our life. I think that means I have to ask the seller what they think, what these terms mean when I try to buy a piece. This is the definition of an online automotive directive www.motorera.com/dictionary/car-dicn.htm NORS: acronym for “new old replacement stock” or “new old reproduction stock”. These are parts that were spare parts, usually of the same quality, for the manufacturer`s parts.

Or they are parts that have been reproduced by an aftermarket supplier with the same material and build quality as the original manufacturer, but are now “old”. I totally agree with Warren. I have traded many collections of NOS Model T parts and you have to be very careful with poorly manufactured or unfinished items that have entered the Ford Branch supply chain. Remember that the things you find lying around lie for a reason. The old adage “Caveat Emptor” should always apply. Ron the Coilman Everything needs oxygen to burn. This applies whether you burn firewood, paper, gasoline or aviation fuel. The more oxygen you provide, the more efficient your combustion will be. One way to increase oxygen levels is to force more air into the combustion chamber, which allows the fuel injection system to increase the amount of fuel injected, allowing for a greater “bang”.

But what if you want even more power? This is where nitrous oxide comes in. The normal air we breathe contains just over 20% oxygen. In an internal combustion engine with 20% oxygen, there is only a limited amount of fuel you can burn. So how to increase the oxygen content in the combustion chamber? Nitrous oxide, of course! Unless you go to Hershey where NOS seems to mean old T-piece, I`ve never seen so many with NOS on them that have different layers of paint on them and worn bolt holes or cracks, Admittedly, there were NOS parts out there, but many NOS had written about them that weren`t. And people think it`s overused on eBay. I`ve always understood that the “O” in NOS and NORS stands for OLD and not ORIGINAL, but it makes more sense. For me, NORS has always meant remanufactured parts. I don`t see why the period should make a difference, except to distinguish it from the current recycled stock. The “R” had nothing to do with reproduction. That is another category. I also agree that you must accept the terms NOS and NORS as hearsay and investigate or question the origin of the coin.

Under no circumstances would an installed part bear the NOS designation. Here`s a video that explains nitro systems in more detail, including the difference between wet and dry configurations: A single-nozzle nitro system introduces the nitro or fuel/nitro mixture through a single injection point. The nozzle is typically located in the intake manifold downstream of the air filter, upstream of the intake manifold and/or throttle body in fuel injection applications and downstream of the throttle body in carburetor applications. In wet systems, the high pressures of nitrous injection cause the fuel to aerosolize, which is injected in tandem through the nozzle, allowing a more complete and even distribution of the nitrogen-fuel mixture. All these years and I still don`t know what “NOS” means! I felt like it meant “original still in the box”???? Thank you! Bob Remember the little red button Brian presses to follow Dom`s charger in the final scene of Fast and the Furious? We`ve all used it in every Need for Speed game since Underground. We know it as NOS. For the uninitiated, it means nitrous oxide system. NOS is, of course, just a brand. But what is a nitro injection system? Quite simply, it`s a way to give your engine a few hundred horsepower when you need it.

But how does the Nitros boost work? When nitrous oxide is added to the engine, the compound does not release oxygen until it is mixed with the fuel. The liquid nitrous oxide in the cartridge turns into gas when released and becomes colder by expansion. When the gas enters the combustion chamber, the high temperature causes the elements to split into nitrogen and oxygen. In dry injection, nitrous oxide is injected separately from the fuel into the intake manifold. The fuel is introduced via injectors. This allows the user to regulate the fuel by adjusting either the carburetor or the vehicle`s ECU for optimized combustion. The purpose of a nitrous oxide system is to increase the performance of an engine. This is done by increasing the amount of fuel that can be burned by increasing the oxygen supply.