If you are a member of another professional body, please refer to that association`s CPD requirements We have a range of tools and resources designed to build a stronger, more collaborative legal profession in New Zealand. The following tools, templates and information help lawyers get the most out of their CPD activities: NZBA tracks attendance at its CPD events. Starting in 2017, members will be able to view their participation in their CPD journal in their member portal under the content menu on the left side of the page. Members can also save in their CPD calendars all the details of non-NZBA events they can attend. To attend events prior to 2016, please contact us. The CPDPR is not filed with the CPD return, but may be required for review purposes or if a practitioner requests a deferral. The CPPCP is a continuous document with no start or end date. It must include the following: Please note that CCH Learning does not keep CPD records for individuals or organizations. CPD activities must be carried out within the framework of the CPCDP developed by the practitioner. You must be: ADLS offers a comprehensive nationwide continuing education program with seminars, on-demand activities, webinars and conferences in all areas of law. A free CPD plan and case tool are also available to help lawyers manage their CPD obligations. Academic events are held across New Zealand to connect with your peers and give you the opportunity to get information from leading lawyers.

If you are not familiar with online networking, you can use the Law Society templates available on the site. While the rules don`t specify a specific format, the templates provide guidance and assurance that you`re on the right track. It is continuous – no stop/start date, can be checked and changed. For more information, please visit the Law Society New Zealand website. Note 4 at the end of this reprint contains a list of the changes made. ADLS has a number of tools and resources to support lawyers in their practice and career. Lawyers who hold a professional certificate, but do not provide regulated services, are not required to complete hours of continuing education activities, but they are still required to prepare a continuing education plan and record (CPDP) and submit the appropriate returns. For more information, visit the New Zealand Law Society website. What qualifies for CPD is highly subjective and depends on each individual`s professional learning plan and goals. The CPD models for CA ANZ, CPA Australia and NZLS are based on a similar planning and learning cycle: there is a sample general practice plan on the Law Society`s website. More information is available here. We invite you to explore the committees of interest, their composition and their recent work.

Our committees also welcome your contributions if you wish to give an opinion on a topic under discussion. Pursuant to section 97 (1) (b) of the Lawyers and Assignors Act 2006, the New Zealand Bar Association, with the approval of the Minister of Justice and after consultation under section 100 of that Act, makes the following rules. CPD returns can be submitted at any time, but must be submitted within five business days of March 31 of each year. If you have any questions, send us an email or call the registry on 0800 22 30 30 during normal business hours. Whether you are a lawyer, lawyer or any other professional, Legalwise seminars offer you a variety of opportunities to earn the CPD points you need each year to meet your professional development commitments. These include: While each professional association has slightly different criteria for CPD, CCH`s webinars and learning events are generally considered verifiable because we offer: CPD is a regulatory requirement. This page briefly describes: However, a false declaration of compliance knowingly goes to a standards committee for investigation under the Lawyers and Carriers Act, 2006. The CPDPR may be requested by the Standards Committee for consideration at this stage. Many professions, such as accountants and lawyers, must complete a minimum number of hours of continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing professional development (CLE) per year. Join the ADLS community of like-minded professionals to access tools and information on topics to stay ahead of your career.

Join ADLS There are several ways to track your CPD activity so you can include them in your CPDR.