Brief Counselling Clinics: Free walk-in clinics where lawyers are available to answer questions about legal issues. OPENING HOURS OF THE HELPLINE Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm (valid from 15 March 2021). A new phone system allows paralegals and LASP helpline lawyers to answer more calls simultaneously while remaining socially distant to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. The schedule is a return to long-term telephone support hours and is designed to reduce wait times for callers. Call for Proposals – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant Quick Overview Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) is seeking the services of the SEOLS Resource Center: an online toolkit that provides DIY guides, letter templates, and other help to help people navigate legal issues. This includes information on how to prepare for court, what to do when dealing with government agencies, and easy-to-fill legal forms. Whatever challenges our communities face, we work every day to improve access to justice and help vulnerable people overcome life`s legal barriers. Several legal aid attorneys across the state, including Christina Drzal of LASP, Regional Housing Supervising Attorney, discuss the implementation of the CDC moratorium in Pennsylvania. Due to COVID-19 concerns, this office is not accepting walk-in visits. Please apply online or call to request services. In you will find free legal information sessions. In collaboration with other local and regional nonprofits and state legislators, LASP lawyers discuss current legal issues, usually in about an hour: If you are looking for legal help, please read the “Need help?” section below.

Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS) provides access to civil justice assistance to help people protect their livelihoods, health, homes and families. SEOLS provides legal assistance to people who cannot afford a lawyer through representation and easy-to-understand information about your legal rights. Direct service: representation in civil matters. Free legal advice: virtual, personal and hybrid: References in the right place: Contact information for a partner organization offering specialized services. Bucks County officials are urging other counties to take advantage of a court ruling they recently won and suspend the eviction process for the thousands of Pennsylvanians who face eviction from their homes. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Corp. (SLLS) is partially funded by Legal Services Corporation.

As a condition of the funding it receives from the Société des services juridiques, it is prohibited from engaging in certain activities throughout its legal work, including work supported by other sources of funding. SLLS may not spend funds on activities prohibited by the Legal Services Corp Act, 42 U.S.C. 1996 et seq. or prohibited by Public Act 104-134. Public Law 104-134-504(d) requires that all funders of programs funded by the Société des services juridiques be notified of these restrictions. For a copy of these laws or for other information or clarification, please send your correspondence to the above address. How to apply for services: South Coastal Counties Legal Services is committed to bringing justice to low-income residents of southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the islands. We are committed to ensuring that people in economic difficulty help protect their homes, families, health, livelihoods and rights. Boston-based law firm Nutter has joined SCCLS` pro bono panel in response to the COVID-19 eviction crisis in Massachusetts. As part of the COVID Eviction Legal Help Project, Nutter has donated hundreds of hours of pro bono legal representation to this project and continues to work with SCCLS clients to keep families in their homes.

SEOLS is a non-profit organization that provides civil law services through six regional offices serving 30 counties. In addition to assisting low-income Ohioans with legal matters, our staff plays leadership roles for community groups, boards, and task forces working at the local and state levels to improve the lives of low-income residents. We work hard to maintain the fairness of our justice system. To request legal assistance, see the online application below.