Strategic Paralegal Services was organized with the belief that all lawyers, no matter where they are, deserve access to highly qualified and tailored support when they need it. Outsourcing to a virtual paralegal allows lawyers in any environment to benefit from partnering with a strategic paralegal colleague. Many lawyers are reluctant to hire a full-time paralegal because they can`t be sure they always have enough work to cover salary, benefits, office supplies and training costs. Some smaller offices may not have the budget to afford the level of experience they would prefer and, as a result, have difficulty meeting deadlines or finding time for practice development activities. Strategic paralegal services may be part of your plan. We are here for as much or as little as you need. We are highly qualified and experienced quick responders who can intervene quickly without needing much time for the lawyer to update. We were asked: We can be the strategic partner of a lawyer available to provide advice and support from start to finish or an expansion of existing paralegal staff to assist them when needed. We support individual practitioners, small and medium-sized law firms, large law firms and corporate legal departments. Wherever a lawyer feels the pressure to produce more billable work in less time, Strategic Paralegal Services is there – make us part of your plan! Next closing date no later than August 19, 2023 no later than September 2, 2023 Next closing by October 31, 2022 no later than July 31, 2023.