About 4 years ago, I started dealing with this delicate subject, but at the same time I am very passionate about this subject. I offer legal assistance both in the case of a person harmed by a crime – drafting complaints, filing a civil party – and in the case of suspects or defendants in criminal proceedings through legal assistance in preliminary investigations, in court up to the stage of execution. Marchiò Law Firm has been operating in Modena for at least forty years and is inspired by a different vision of the profession and the relationship with clients, with the mission of satisfying the most varied specific needs of clients in a single multidisciplinary firm, with the essential direct link between the different disciplines and specializations that the complex problems of the current imply. In addition, the firm offers another type of relationship that will have particular advantages: training course organized by the Criminal Chamber of Modena and approved by the Bar of Modena, which allows to register on the lists for the defense of the office after the final examination. This allows them to have a single point of reference, paying particular attention to all the aspects arising from it, because a civil case has the power to turn into a criminal problem, since criminal matters always include civil and personal aspects. The legal portal at the service of the citizen and in accordance with the Code of Medico-Legal Ethics. © Copyright IUSTLAB – All rights reserved Privacy and Cookies Policy While many activities, administrative barriers and daily tax or tax problems threaten, not to mention the trends now common for companies, corporate matters, mergers, investments where due diligence or preventive controls at source would still be appropriate. Studio Legale Marchiò has always had a different vision of the profession and the relationship with clients. Composed of experienced professionals in all areas of law, as well as various professional personalities such as accountants, forensic scientists, psychotherapists, private detectives, technicians, at a reduced price, it is therefore able to comprehensively study and solve all the needs of clients with obvious savings of time and money. Also attentive to the issue of legal and defense costs, in addition to signing a global quote in consultation with the client in order to overcome the concern of possible increases in the current relationship, the firm has prepared payment methods that take into account the different economic capacities as well as the complexity or not of the services requested.

The subjects of my competence mainly concern criminal law, from the investigation phase to the trial to the execution phase. I work at the law firm Lex Aequi Ars with colleagues specialized in civil, tax and administrative law, so that each client`s problem within the same firm is examined and treated in 360°. My registered office is in Modena, but I work throughout the district of the Court of Appeal of Bologna, especially in the courts of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Parma. Edit the information displayed in this pane. The intention is therefore to offer the private customer or company full, occasional or permanent assistance for any type of problem. Civil law, family law, civil partnerships, separation, divorce, marriage, custody, protection of minors, insurance, debt collection, foreclosure, tax law, mobbing, violence, criminal harassment and harassment, property crimes, homicide, discrimination, drugs, prison law, administrative law, public procurement, referral to the regional administrative court, seizures, traffic accidents, medical malpractice and medical liability, Animal welfare, domiciliation. I have followed several disputes related to industrial accidents, both amicably, in the context of relations with insurance companies and INAIL in order to obtain fair compensation for damages, as well as before civil and criminal courts representing both companies and employees.