I`m not sure, but I imagine you can find it somewhere here: law.lis.virginia.gov/admincode/title19/agency30/chapter70/section160/ (2) the fog lights should be aligned so that the top edge of the high-intensity area is set to the horizontal centerline, and the left edge of the high-intensity area is set to the vertical centerline. (Like low beam headlamps.) “All motor vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers the width of which is greater than seven feet or the widest part of which extends four inches beyond the tips of the front fenders shall be equipped with yellow lights mounted at the rightmost and uppermost left front corners of the vehicle… » 1. Yellow Approved Type Flashing, Flashing or Alternating Lights (SAE-W) are permitted on fire equipment, Crown-owned vehicles operated on official duty by a local fire chief or other local fire attendant, emergency vehicles, ambulances and other emergency vehicles that must be equipped with alternating red or red and white flashing secondary lights displayed in the rear lights or position lights of the vehicle. 1. Secondary warning lights of an approved type fitted only to all four corners of police vehicles, correctional facilities, firefighting equipment, Crown-owned vehicles operated on official duty by a local fire chief or other firefighter, ambulances, ambulances or other emergency medical vehicles. Primary warning lights shall also be installed on these lamps. H. Brown (SAE-W) type (SAE-W) turn signals, turn signals, or interchangeable lights are permitted on vehicles used primarily for towing or servicing broken down vehicles or for the construction, maintenance, and repair of highways or utilities on or along public roads, as well as on vehicles primarily intended to remove hazardous or polluting substances from state waters or drainage areas along or along. of the road. public roads.

These lamps are permitted on vehicles used for the maintenance of ATMs, garbage collection vehicles, elevated railway vehicles and on vehicles used to tow or accompany oversized materials, equipment, boats or prefabricated housing by authorizing the road. 3. Emergency vehicles in Chesapeake, Poquoson and York County can be equipped with flashing headlights that operate when their warning lights are activated. 5. Motor vehicles may be equipped with more than two fog lamps or auxiliary lamps; However, only two of these types of lights can be turned on at a time. Reject a vehicle equipped with a headlight mounted or used as an auxiliary light. 4. A yellow turn signal, turn signal or alternating light may be installed at the rear of any vehicle used for the transport of petroleum products. The lamp shall be wired in reverse gear and activated in conjunction with the reversing lamps and the audible alarm. 4. A vehicle shall not be installed on a vehicle with more than two permanently flashing red or white red and white red or white lights belonging to a member of a fire service, a volunteer fire brigade or a volunteer rescue team, a private ambulance paramedic and a police chaplain.

Your vehicle has been equipped with a number of brake lights and ex-factory position. No matter what you do or how you modify it, you need to have 100% of the same amount it comes with and with the same features. For example, if you move your 3rd brake light, cool! If you REMOVE your 3rd stop light, problem! Just like I took it when I read it! Thank you for the clarification and approval, so I know I`m not crazy about having to come to my own interpretation. I have clear lenses and if I remember correctly, I believe one of my previous vehicles years ago had a yellowish bulb for fog lights, so it looks like I`m good at walking. Important points:• You cannot reduce your turning radius• Body lifts larger than 3″ are NOT allowed• Not legal if ANY part of the wheels/tires comes into contact with the frame or suspension under normal operating conditions. Car fog lights should be bright or yellow and taillights should be red. Adding lights of different colors, flashing or rotating lights is not allowed. 3. Yellow Approved Flashing, Flashing or Alternating (SAE-W) lights are permitted on vehicles used as pilot cars, safety vehicles or fire engines on any speedway or motor racing circuit. 7. The vehicle shall be equipped with an illuminated billboard, with the exception of commercial vehicles, buses operated as public transport companies, taxis and passenger cars used for home delivery of commercially prepared food.

Commercial vehicles, buses used as modes of public transport and taxis can be equipped with blank and destination signs and a permanently lit white light for night lighting of outdoor advertising. Private passenger cars used to deliver commercially prepared food to the home can be equipped with a burning white light constantly for night lighting of a sign identifying the company supplying the food. Do not discard approved identification lights. 2. Concealed strobe lamps shall be incorporated into headlamps, side-marker lamps, rear lamps or parking lamps. The strobe itself must be clear and the color of the lens must continue to be the same type and color as those originally approved. It is illegal for any vehicle to have “a siren or exhaust, compression or spark plug whistle, or horn” that would be used as an unauthorized warning under Virginia law. This excludes car horns installed by the manufacturer that allow the driver to issue appropriate warnings. The other point to keep in mind is that your exhaust needs to come out beyond the passenger cabin and NO holes. These basement discharges to turn off mufflers for clearance are illegal in every way.

I was threatened with not receiving a yellow ticket until 6 a.m. Approved Colour Warning Lights (SAE-W) can be used by dealers or businesses engaged in the sale of fire, emergency services or law enforcement vehicles. You can equip these vehicles with colored warning lights for demonstration purposes. One of the most common questions we receive in store is the legality of lights, location and after-sales lighting. As with all codes, this can be a bit difficult to interpret for safety inspection. And then legality is judged by the command and discretion of the soldiers on the ground. 2. Amber-amber flashing lights, Approved Turn Signals, or Alternate Lights (SAE-W) are permitted in vehicles owned and used by municipal security guards in the performance of their official duties, companies providing security services, and vehicles used to collect and deliver U.S. mail to vehicles used by law enforcement personnel for parking law enforcement motor vehicles. can be used. Government-owned law enforcement vehicles, if lights are used to provide directional warning, and vehicles used to accompany funeral processions.