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And join a bible centered church family with a heart for the Latham community…

You are invited to worship at Living Hope

We can’t wait to fellowship with you!

We can’t wait to fellowship with you!

Join us this Sunday from 10:30 to 12:00 for worship!

Whether you are young or old, a single or a family, there is a place for you at Living Hope. Come and check us out any Sunday at 10:30am. We’d love to meet you! Our service runs about 90 minutes, ending at noon. If you would like to watch us online before coming in person, we webcast each service live. You can access our webcast as well as an archive of past sermons on our YouTube channel. Please don’t hesitate to call weekdays between 9am and 5pm to talk to either the church secretary or one of the pastors at 518-785-8888.

Living Hope is a friendly community drawn from all walks of life who recognize our need for God and his love. We are a family church centered on worshiping God, following Christ, and growing together.

We believe the Bible has the answers to life’s biggest questions. When we read Scripture we encounter not just words on a page but the voice of the Almighty speaking. Even so, just knowing what the Bible says is not enough, we also need to live it out. We are a community church that takes the Bible seriously and makes it practical for everyday life.


Living Hope is a diverse community of Christians with all age groups represented from babies to seniors. We have three strong children’s programs for kids under 13, a number of teenagers and young adults, a bunch of young families, middle-aged people, and plenty of seniors. However old you are, there is a place for you at Living Hope.


At Living Hope we continually subject our doctrines to the Berean test. We are always examining the Scriptures to see if what we currently believe stands up to scrutiny. Over the years we have changed quite a few of our core doctrines and may continue to do so as God leads us to his truth. To view our current statement of beliefs, click here.

What to Bring:

Living Hope sermons are saturated with Scripture references. As a result, we recommend you bring your own Bible to read along with the minister. If you do not have a Bible or forget it, we have a bunch available for you to borrow at the back of the room in the auditorium.


Kids’ church runs at the same time as the adult service. Children sit with their parents during our opening songs and prayer time then are sent to the kid’s programs. Age groups include nursery (under 4), young kids (4-6), and older kids (7-12). The first two groups meet upstairs and the older kids meet downstairs across from the kitchen and bathrooms. For more information about Living Hope’s children’s ministries, click here.


Although our big worship service is on Sundays from 10:30 to 12:00, we have quite a few opportunities for gathering in smaller groups throughout the week. Check the events and local events to find activities to join and meet other believers, or join one of the home fellowships throughout the Capital Region and take your faith to the next level.


Living Hope is not a dead church, but a thriving community of Christ-followers who engage in a variety of ministries throughout the week. Beyond the service teams that facilitate Sunday worship (audio/video team, praise team, children’s workers, greeters/ushers, etc.) we also are involved in a missionary effort in three African countries providing education for children, Bible studies throughout the week, AA and NA recovery, counseling, and outreach. We run camps for teenagers in the summer and winter and have an exciting young adult winter retreat called Revive.


At Living Hope we have both traditional as well as contemporary music. We project the words on the wall to facilitate a more uplifting worship experience. Although once in a while we may sing a capella or with piano accompaniment, usually our praise team leads the service with guitar, bass, keyboard, etc.


We average about 100 people or fewer a typical Sunday. Living Hope is small enough that you won’t get lost in the crowd but big enough to provide a bunch of ministries to meet your needs as well as opportunities for you to serve.


Our service lasts for about 90 minutes and includes contemporary worship music, prayer time, announcements, a 45 minute sermon, and a concluding song. We serve coffee and light refreshments afterwards and people usually mingle for a while. Our kids church covers ages 1 to 12 and runs at the same time as the adult service.

What to Wear:

Come as you are. A wide range of people attend Living Hope from people wearing suits to jeans. We are an easy-going congregation that recognizes diversity is a blessing from God. Dress respectfully and comfortably, and you’ll fit in just fine.

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