A gun dealer in Missouri/USA shows an AR-15 rifle. The semi-automatic shoulder gun is produced by many manufacturers. Several massacres in the United States were committed with an AR-15. Its possession is also legal in Germany. The Can Cannon is a 100% BATFE patented legal launcher for your AR-15/M16 rifle (you can view and print the full BATF approval letter by clicking on this link). Designed to throw soda cans and projectiles of similar size, including tennis balls, whipped cream, shaving cream, paint cans, t-shirts and X Products approved accessories: grapples, carrying cups, balls and underwater hunting accessories. At no time were we asked for proof of age or a clean criminal record, both of which are required by law to purchase a firearm. This will happen when we pick up the weapon from a local authorized dealer. He reportedly set off the fire alarm for students to get out of their classes. Then the 19-year-old shot former classmates – with a weapon that has long been criticized. Steffen Schwarzkopf reports from the United States. There you go.

We had ordered a firearm. It doesn`t come to our front door, like the Lego set or pair of shoes, and to bring it home we have to fill out paperwork for a background check (in fact, you can`t order it from your home, just from an authorized retailer). Still, the fact that buying a gun isn`t noticeably different from ordering these everyday items is an insightful comment on the proliferation of guns in American culture. The AR-15 rifle is an extremely popular weapon. It is externally almost identical to the M16 assault rifle, which the manufacturer Colt sells to the army. We knew exactly what we wanted, based on a copy of a receipt the shooter shared online and published by the Daily Dot, an Austin-based outlet that covers online culture. But undecided buyers can watch a video highlighting the features of the rifle. Weighing just over six pounds, it`s “extremely maneuverable” and “a perfect addition to anyone`s safe,” according to the host. The AR-15-style weapon, manufactured by Georgia-based Daniel Defense, sells online for $1,870, plus tax.

Shipping to a local gun store is free. The AR-15 is the version for civilians. Unlike the military version, this weapon is not technically possible with continuous fire. Experienced shooters can still shoot a lot of shots in a very short time. Oliver Sebrantke and Aaron Dorn of LC Hansa Stuhr are competing in the Bremen Marathon and could finish at the front. Why does a young man shoot innocent students and teachers with his AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle? Nikolas C. was expelled from high school last year “for disciplinary reasons.” Using your X Can Cannon products is easy to use, fun and AWESO. The Can Cannon works via a proprietary gas pipe with a locking rod that prevents the loading of live ammunition.

When a blank is chambered and baked, the proprietary pipe redirects the high-pressure gas vertically into a larger pipe. The volume of the larger pipe reduces the gas at high pressure and prevents it from destroying relatively sensitive projectiles such as a beverage can. When pulled at an optimal angle (about 45 degrees), a soda can reach an average distance of 105 meters! The pistol is designed for use with M200 military blanks (they are shorter than a full-length cartridge or M200a blanks). X Products offers approved whites and M200 whites at this Can Cannon Blank link. Texas Gun Experience, the local dealer we selected for pickup, tells shoppers to be willing to show ID and fill out a three-page background check form that will be done on-site via an FBI database accessible from the gun store. Assassins especially like to use it – the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has become infamous in the United States. Possession of this weapon is also allowed in Germany, and its registered owners cannot yet be checked in Bremen via the firearm possession card. The Senate wants to change that: in the future, the authorities should put the caliber on the map in addition to the model and designation of the type of rifle.

In addition, the Senate plans to verify the reliability of the owners of these weapons more frequently than before. Diese Eignungsprüfung könnte künftig mit der jährlichen Kontrolle der Waffenaufbewahrung zusammenfallen, so die Überlegung. After clicking on “place order”, we received an email confirming the purchase, promising to send a tracking number once the weapon was on its way to the pickup point. After Tuesday`s shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 children and two adults dead, we wondered how difficult it was to order a DDM4V7, one of two rifles the shooter bought days after turning 18, according to reports. Daniel Defense, which was founded by a garage door business owner in 2000, touts that most parts of its weapons are made in-house. It is one of the largest private gun manufacturers in the United States, according to Forbes. “Das Gewehr wird für Attentäter die Waffe der Wahl”, schrieb die “Washington Post”. Bei den Amokläufen mit mehr als drei Schussopfern seien in den vergangenen zehn Jahren in 14 Fällen solche Waffen verwendet worden.

A crucial and treacherous advantage of the weapon is its low weight. This also makes them attractive to younger, less powerful authors. It is offered in different versions by several manufacturers, so the firepower of the rifles is different. Their shots are described as very strong. Manufactured with safety and precision, the Can barrel tube is formed with impact extrusion. The precision process produces an almost perfect 2.62-inch concentric monolithic tube with a + tolerance of 0.003 thousandths, providing a perfect fit of the gas around the projectiles, minimizing gas leakage while maximizing absorption performance and safety. Impact extrusion parts are dense, non-porous and stronger than other metal forming techniques, thanks to the resulting very uniform alignment of the metal grain, resulting in superior quality and durability. The impact process hardens non-thermally treatable alloys in a natural way. There are no fire cracks, pores or dividing lines to weaken the room. Police revealed the identity of the attacker hours after the fatal shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. As a result, the shooter is 19-year-old Nikolas C.

He reportedly had numerous magazines with ammunition and an AR-15 assault rifle with him during the crime. The AR-15 shoulder gun could fire a large number of shots in a very short time, he said in a small request from the SPD parliamentary group in the Senate. Today there are about 500 manufacturers of this semi-automatic rifle. So far, however, it has only been registered as “semi-automatic cans” on the firearms possession card. The Senate wrote in its response that the designation of the type closer to the rifle is not yet mandatory for the card. “However, it is legally and factually possible,” to note the designation of the type and model as well as the caliber. It is therefore particularly important to specify the caliber. Because there are so many manufacturers of the weapon, type designations are usually not enough. According to the Senate, a total of 587 semi-automatic long guns were registered in the city of Bremen, including systems other than the AR-15, including shotguns. In Bremerhaven, the authorities listed 75 semi-automatic rifles.

Apart from that, it was a routine purchase, much like ordering a Lego set on Amazon or a pair of shoes at Zappos. Except, of course, for the lethality of the product. Many of the worst massacres in recent years in the United States have been committed with such weapons, including in Orlando, San Bernardino, Aurora and Newtown. These guns are particularly controversial in the discussion of tightening gun laws. They were banned for a few years, but have been available again for free since 2004. There are also criticisms. All 46 for the DDM4V7 gave it five stars, including one that calls it a “formidable weapon.” The Senate rejected the SPD`s proposal to check ar-15 owners more often than once a year. It is not known, it is said, that there is a particular danger due to a possibly insufficient stockpiling of weapons of this type. “At least every three years”, the reliability of each registered firearm owner has been checked in Bremen so far. For AR-15 owners, an annual inspection is now requested. Many ask why you put beverage cans on the market instead of drinking them? Because you can! The projectile options are only limited by your creativity and local laws, many customers print projectiles in 3D that make the impossible possible.

Our BATFE approved design is not considered a destructive device or firearm and does not change the designation of your existing firearm. Each unit is sold in the form of a mounted rod with receiver, a spaced and mounted carrier barrel and a pressure hose. The system is compatible with all standard AR-15/M-16 mil loading handles and bolt holders, it also works with most piston pin holders. Protected by our simple lifetime warranty, in case of problems, we will replace, repair or refund. Under Texas law, gun buyers must be 18 years of age or older and have no conviction for crime or domestic violence, and the federal government requires a background check. We have not received any notification or warning about this during the checkout process. (Elsewhere on his website, Daniel Defense promises that he is “100% compliant, 100% of the time.”) Bremen alone could not prohibit possession of the rifle, the Senate explains.