With regard to the illegal possession of a switching blade, this Act does not apply to members of the armed forces acting in the performance of their duties. It also does not apply to people with only one arm if the blade blade is three inches or less long.19 While most crimes committed in the state of California are punishable under California law, crimes committed on federal property are punishable under federal law. The Federal Switchblade Act – 15 USC 1241-44 – makes it illegal to own a switching blade on a state or property, or to carry a switching blade in interstate commerce. Exceptions to this law apply to active members of the armed forces or persons with only one arm who wear a switching blade with a blade of 3 inches or less. I think at one point the law said that three inches was the legal maximum, but now it has fallen to a maximum of two inches. It is illegal to wear or hide OTF, Switchblade or Balisong in California. Some laws allow a larger blade, others have certificates for the mechanism, but only a few exceptions to obfuscation and appearance. If a knife appears to be a cell phone and instead opens to reveal a 12-inch sword, the authorities frown. No police officer will issue a ticket or harass you because you are carrying a reasonable knife, provided you are not in a sensitive area, or you are shooting or someone is bleeding from the back of your SUV. When a police officer makes a case from a three-inch blade worn by a peaceful person, we must take another look at OUR Constitution. I used to think these guys were rednecks, swamp water bathers, but the older I get, the more often I think about their collective mindset. This country was indeed founded at a completely different time in our history, and the laws in force are designed to do so – to govern! Laws are not designed for the convenience of a political party to advance agendas, nor to encourage discussion about specific groups of people.

If we start using legislation as a tool to manage our backyards in a difficult way, and become so short-sighted that we customize laws and choose leaders who fit our tastes as designers, we have failed as a nation of rebels, farmers, businessmen, artists, hunters, and inventors. God protects us??? A dirk or dagger is a knife or other instrument with or without hand protection that is ready to be used as a knife and can cause serious bodily injury or death. See section 16470 of the Criminal Code. Most pocket knives and folding knives are not considered dirks or daggers unless the blade of the knife is exposed and positioned. Hey Albino; I`m not a lawyer and I can`t give you “official” information, but from what I can tell, your Adamas and Griptilian agree to wear them with the clip on your belt or on the edge of your bag. As long as the knife is not double-edged or “deceptive” (looks like something else), it is not illegal to carry it. Thanks for the question,J. Authorities cannot search a knife or seize a knife without a valid search warrant.

If there is no arrest warrant, they must have a legal excuse for not having one. If the police receive a knife as a result of an illegal search and seizure – which is a form of police misconduct – then this evidence can be excluded from the criminal proceedings. Laws regarding butterfly knives are not specifically listed in California laws. However, California courts have concluded that butterfly knives fall within the definition of switching blades. See People ex rel. Mautner v. Quattrone, 211 Cal. App.3d 1389 (1989). This unfortunately makes it illegal to carry butterfly knives in the state of California. If you feel the need to carry a knife, engrave these facts in your head. Know by heart what is legal and what is not when you carry knives in California.

If you ever have any doubts, these quick facts will help you stay away from legal dangers. Violation of California`s knife laws can result in misdemeanors or offenses and, if convicted, result in 1-3 years in a county or state jail. If you use a knife as a weapon, you could be sentenced to more jail time in addition to the time you served for illegally carrying a knife. Laws and penalties vary depending on the type of knife, whether it is restricted or not, and whether it is legal to hide it or not. Stay away from California, problem solved! Even if the knife in your possession is a legal knife, they can still arrest you on reasonable suspicion of having committed a crime. California laws are stupid and redikulas, all these stupid laws they make only trample on your rights. Every day, law-abiding citizens are the ones who pay the price for enforcing these laws, I am my favorite knife not only for a tool, it`s my way of defending myself. They would confiscate my knives, arrest me and accuse me, and guess what, now that my knives are gone, but the criminals still have theirs, now I`m defenseless, these laws need to be repealed, not only in California, but also in several other states.

With regard to the carrying of knives in public buildings such as schools or airports, exceptions apply to law enforcement officers and only during service. That being said, I appreciate the work you do on this page. I am also not a lawyer and this should not be understood as legal advice. Please do your own research. However, I would advise you to start with the criminal laws mentioned above. Dirks or daggers are not illegal in California, you have to wear them openly in a sheathe at the waist.